From May 2011 to April 2014
Project Leader(s): Prof. A.P. Roskilly
Staff: Dr. D. Atkinson, Dr R. Mikalsen, Mrs L.J. Smeaton
Contact: €3 million
Sponsors: European Commission FP7
Partners: CONVERTEAM S.A.S, TNO, GICAN, Warsila Finland OY, NOVAMEN S.A.S, NAREC Ltd., Germanischer Lloyd SE, Marine Power Industry Consult

The aim is to create a system whereby the different energy sources could be selected according to the operational needs of the ship while the others would remain in an “active-stand-by” mode to be employed depending on demand.Taking this consideration into account and based on the array of innovative and renewable sources of energy, the INOMANS²HIP concept aims at proposing a break-through energy management system aboard ships based on a preferred DC network integrating all potential sources of energy.  Computer models of ship systems and the proposed adoptive technologies will be created to explore and develop all aspects of the energy management system, including Life Cycle Analysis and risk assessment studies.  The proposed energy management system will gather data in real time and will be able to anticipate and optimize energy needs for each operational configuration of the ship considering risk levels while systematically favouring less polluting and cost effective sources of energy.  The INOMANS²HIP project will therefore contribute to reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions and pollution as a whole (SOx, NOx, Noise). It will foster European competitiveness by providing an innovative global advantage to both European equipment manufacturers and shipyards.


Professor Tony Roskilly
Director, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research