eLogistics systems applications for service users and providers (2011)

Author(s): Zunder T, Islam DMZ

    Abstract: The paper reports the findings of a second round Delphi study that explored the issues surrounding integrated eLogistics systems, applications and policy for varying stakeholders. A three-stage qualitative research approach was undertaken starting with a literature survey followed by first round online Delphi survey in the second stage. The first round Delphi generated some ideas and statements that were used in the second round Delphi survey (third and final stage). In this survey the participants were given three alternative options: ‘Agree,’ ‘Disagree’ and ‘No comment’ on these statements. The achievement of majority agreement/disagreement on these statements is a centre point. For this research, the majority agreement/disagreement was sought in three levels: ‘simple majority’, ‘significant majority’ and ‘vast majority’. The research verifies the applicability of a definition of eLogistics established in the first round Delphi. The study also identifies the fields of cost effective eLogistics applications for logistics companies. The research suggests ways to develop an integrated eLogistics system and associated EU policies. Key words: eLogistics, ICT, eLogistics applications, SME, actors, impacts

      • Date: 23-27 January 2011
      • Conference Name: The TRB 90th Annual Meeting
      • Volume: Compendium of Papers
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Dewan Islam
      Freight Logistics Academic and Researcher

      Tom Zunder
      Rail Freight & Logistics Research Group Manager