Selected Projects

  • ALERT – Assessment of Life-cycle Effects of Repairs on Tankers
    Project Leader(s): Professor Bob Dow, Dr Jonathan Downes
    The project will examine the cumulative effect of repairing a tanker throughout its life looking for present best industry practice and ways in which that practice can be improved.
    Project Leader(s): Dr George Kotsikos
    ALJOIN studied and evaluated the use of alternative grades of aluminium alloys to improve the crashworthiness of rail vehicles.
  • CASPER: Commonality And Standardisation of Processes for cost-Effective Rolling stock
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill
  • D-Rail
    Project Leader(s): Prof. Mark Robinson and Roberto Palacin
    D-RAIL will focus on freight traffic, identifying root causes of derailment
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Joe Carruthers
    This project brings together the rail, aerospace and marine industries to develop innovative solutions for improving composite material fire performance.
  • Foot-LITE
    Project Leader(s): Professor Phil Blythe, Dr Neil Thorpe, Dr Jenny Brake, Mr Richard Fairchild
    The aim of the Foot-LITE project is to design a revolutionary in-vehicle information system to encourage safer and greener driving and long term behavioural changes.
  • MARSTRUCT - Network of Excellence on Marine Structures
    Project Leader(s): Professor Bob Dow, Dr Jonathan Downes
    The overall objective is to improve the safety, effectiveness, reliability, environmental behaviour and comfort of ship structures through the application of advanced structural and reliability assessment within design, fabrication and operation.
  • Road Casualty Reduction
    Project Leader(s): Dr Neil Thorpe
    This project involves collecting of relevant data for monitoring the partnership’s performance in terms of the impact of safety camera activity on road casualty reduction in Northumbria, and providing advice on key operational issues.
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    SAFEINTERIORS is working to implement a methodology for the design, testing and validate improved interior crash protection solutions that will reduce injuries and fatalities in rail accidents.
  • Safety at Speed
    Project Leader(s): Professor Richard Birmingham
    The aim of the project was to develop a formalised methodology for design for safety of HSC using state-of-the-art techniques and tools.
    Project Leader(s): Prof Phil Blythe

    SAVE ME – Systems and Actions for VEhicles and transportation hubs to support disaster Mitigation and Evacuation

  • SecureMetro
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill
    The aim of the project is to increase the safety and security of metro vehicles from terrorist attacks by explosives and firebombs through materials choices and design, thereby increasing resilience and reducing the impact of attacks.
  • Security Impact Assessment Measure - A decision support system for security technology investments (SIAM)
    Project Leader(s): Professor Stephen Graham, Associate Professor David Murakami-Wood
  • Structural Performance of Aluminium Naval Vessels
    Project Leader(s): Professor Bob Dow
    The project will provide much needed understanding and methodologies for the structural performance of aluminium by investigating the material and strength related properties of aluminium.