Seamless and Inclusive Transport

Seamless and Inclusive Transport

This theme seeks to bring together research strengths across various disciplines to focus on seamless and inclusive passenger and freight transport.


  • Fully interconnected and interoperable transport systems across different geographies/networks;
  • Ease and facilitate interchange between modes and services.


  • Enablers for integration (e.g. ticketing, control systems, tracking and tracing);
  • Removal of physical, social and cultural barriers (e.g. ageing and mobility, accident prevention).

There is an increased focus today on the design and operation of transport systems as intermodal, co-modal, connected, end to end systems with an emphasis on mitigating and removing barriers. These can be barriers between modes as well as between the system and passengers or freight, and once removed can facilitate true accessibility, connectivity and mobility. This is evidenced by developments such as integrated ticketing systems, multimodal passenger transport interchange hubs, and door to door logistics services.