Pharmacology BSc Honours
UCAS Code: B210 (3 Years)


Students working in our high-spec labs‌This degree explores how drugs work on the human body. It gives you specialist knowledge relevant to a career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Pharmacology is the study of how drugs act on the human body and vice-versa. It is thanks to pharmacologists that you can take an aspirin when you get a headache, or anaesthetic when you get a filling. Topics include:  

  • drug development
  • toxicology
  • anticancer drugs

You'll gain an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of drug classes. You also develop a sound understanding of the drug development process.

Study with us and you'll:

  • train in techniques and in vivo skills that are in demand in the pharmaceutical industry and research
  • boost your CV through work experience here at the University 
  • learn from experts and graduate with the latest knowledge of human health

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