Biomedical Sciences (Integrated Master's) MSci Honours
UCAS Code: B900 (4 Years)


Students conduct an experiment in the labThis degree integrates a year of Master's-level study and is designed for students who plan to make a career in the field.

A highlight of the programme is the extended final-year project, which will help you to develop more advanced laboratory skills that are required for research or other laboratory-based careers.

Modern medicine depends on the advances made by scientists working in the biomedical sciences. This degree uses a multidisciplinary approach to help us understand disease processes and find new treatments for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and TB.

Drawing on the University’s strengths in biomedicine teaching and research, this degree aims to produce graduates who have an understanding of the functioning of the human body in health and disease.

Student profiles:

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I chose Newcastle for its reputation as a research intensive University. The academic staff are all experts in their chosen field and teach you about current science and what they are conducting research into.

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