Biology BSc Honours
UCAS Code: C100 (3 Years)


Red spider miteBiology at Newcastle deals with all forms of life, ranging from micro-organisms to mammals, and from biomolecules to the biosphere.

Our Biology BSc Honours degree is the widest-ranging of our degrees, offering a breadth of biology topics across all Stages of your degree.

Lab-based sessions and a range of daytrips and residential field courses, equip you with the scientific skills required by professional biologists.

In the first year all our students study the same fundamental topics in biology, such as plant biology, microbiology and ecology.

In later Stages, you will study specialist topics such as:

  • plant and animal physiology
  • biodiversity and conservation
  • molecular biology and development
  • microbiology

Student profiles:

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I chose Newcastle University because of the teaching expertise and the reputation. I had heard about the high standard and also spoke with current students who reassured me about the wonderful time I would have if I chose Newcastle. Believe me they were right!

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My course is fascinating, we study such a large variety of topics and I love how the lecturers share their own research with us

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