Zoology BSc Honours
UCAS Code: C300 (3 Years)


Red squirrel Zoology is the scientific study of all forms of animal life, including how they behave, reproduce, evolve, and interact with other species and their environment.

In the first year all our students study the same fundamental topics in biology, such as plant biology, microbiology and ecology.

In later Stages, you will study specialist zoology topics such as:

  • animal behaviour and physiology
  • biodiversity and conservation
  • vertebrate biology
  • entomology

You will enjoy a bird and insect identification fieldcourse, as well as a week-long residential course on ecology or animal behaviour.

Through lab-based teaching you learn key laboratory skills required by professional biologists.

You'll also enjoy optional modules informed by research being conducted at the University, such as animal behaviour and current zoology. 

Student profiles:

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I am doing a research project for my dissertation, I have enjoyed the freedom of being able to design and carry out the investigation on my own. I also feel a sense of pride and accomplishment having nearly completed it.

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The standard of lecturing and support available to me has been outstanding and I can't wait for next year.

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