c300 - Zoology BSc

Photograph of student that studied this course

Meet Erin from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I first put Newcastle as an option because it’s a Russell Group university which is relatively close to my home town, meaning I had space away to fully immerse myself in uni life but was close enough to hop on a train if I felt homesick.

When I visited on the open day I loved the feel of the city and campus; the staff were inspiring and enthusiastic and lived up to my expectations.

Studying at Newcastle

There is a lot of practical lab and fieldwork included on the course and modules cover a wide variety of topics within the field of Zoology. The lecturers are dedicated and provide regular opportunities for extracurricular work to boost your employability at the end of the course.

Recommending Zoology

The Zoology course at Newcastle is great because it shares a first year with other Biology courses. This means that if your interests change as you experience the field in more depth, you have the flexibility to swap courses without having to redo first year.

Living in Newcastle

It’s a very friendly, compact city with everything you need without the overwhelming feeling some bigger cities can have. Because there are two universities in the city, it caters well to the student lifestyle with plenty to do, amazing nightlife, and relatively low living costs.

Getting involved

I participate most in the Biology Society, which is a chance to meet and socialise with people from the course with similar interests. They organise regular activities – often with deals for members – like paintballing and bowling, annual holidays (this year was a weekend in Berlin!), balls and volunteering opportunities.

Managing my money

At the start of each term work out a weekly budget by deducting your rent and any other big costs from your student loan then dividing what’s left by the number of weeks in that term. Keep a spending diary to help you stick to this budget, you’ll notice you spend less when you have to write it down.

Future plans

After I graduate I want to take a year out to travel then save some money and hopefully go on to do a PhD.