Politics BA Honours
UCAS Code: L200 (3 Years)


Student at studyPolitics is one of the most dynamic and diverse academic subjects available and you will study everything from pressing issues of international crisis to the latest domestic political developments. 

This flexible degree is an ideal choice if you have a general interest in politics. We cover all the main branches of the subject:

  • international relations
  • global politics
  • political systems and institutions
  • political philosophy

You can structure the course largely according to your own interests, choosing topics that span continents and ideologies. 

You can also choose up to a sixth of your modules at each Stage from other subjects, such as a modern foreign language, history or law.

Student profiles:

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The lecturers at Newcastle are experts in their field and very enthusiastic about their subjects, making the learning environment much more enjoyable and not at all intimidating.

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Now in my third year, I have studied such diverse topics as Feminist Political Theory, Politics of Italy and The World Economy.

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