Geography BA Honours
UCAS Code: L701 (3 Years)


Students on a study visit to Berlin

Our Geography BA Honours degree offers an extremely flexible study programme. You can select from a wide range of topics in human and physical geography, such as:

  • economic and political globalisation
  • uneven development
  • climate and environmental change

You will enjoy a high level of fieldwork in both the UK and abroad, with field visits ranging from nearby Northumberland to New York, Morocco and Iceland.

A dissertation in your third year enables you to showcase your skills to employers by conducting your own research alongside our highly respected research staff.

Student profiles:

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The course has strengthened my interest in Geography, through the sheer variety of modules you are able to choose from, including Social, Political and Economic Geography and Environmental Sciences.

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My first impressions on the open day were brilliant; exciting, engaging and enthusiastic students and staff made the decision a lot easier. Newcastle University was definitely the best university for me.

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