ln12 - Economics and Business Management BA

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Meet James from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I really liked the University when I came to an open day: they gave a really good impression. I had been to a few other open days, and I liked Newcastle’s campus because it was compact, and everything is really close together. The Students’ Union was very impressive, having only recently been refurbished.

I had to pick between here and a couple of other similar universities with the same entry requirements and I’m so happy I picked here. The city is so much fun and the University is brilliant. 

Studying at Newcastle

The content is very useful to real-life and you can apply it to real-life situations. I particularly like maths, so I like how I can apply maths in Economics to the working world.

Economics is based in the in Newcastle University Business School which only recently opened its new building, so all the lecture theatres and seminar rooms are brand new and very modern – so it’s a nice working environment.

Recommending Economics and Business Management

With Economics when you graduate you are equipped with a wide range of skills, so you can use the degree for a wide variety of jobs in the future. You don’t have to go into finance and banking, there are many opportunities available to Economics graduates… and they also earn quite a lot of money!

Living in Newcastle 

Newcastle is a vibrant city with lots going on, so there is plenty to do and you never get bored! The nightlife is fantastic – there are plenty of places to go and I believe it’s been voted the best nightlife in the country, and seventh in Europe.

Student accommodation

I’m currently living in St Mary’s College in Fenham, which are University-owned halls of residence.

Next year I'm living in Jesmond near the Metro station and it was very easy to find somewhere, as there are so many estate agents to choose from.

Getting involved

I was surprised how many clubs and societies there were. I’m not that sporty, but that doesn’t matter because there’s so many that are non-sports related. Also if you ever wanted to try something and never had the chance, then you get the opportunity to do it at Newcastle, as it most probably is a society!

I’m a member of the Poker Society. We meet every Monday night at a casino, and we play in a society league for points. The members at the end of the semester with the most points win prizes!

Managing my money

My top tip is to make a cash flow forecast in Excel! Every month put in a spreadsheet your inflows (like student loans) and your outflows (like bills) and this will help you to work out how much money you have to spend each week. Also when shopping for food, buy whatever is on offer!

Future plans

Next summer I want to do an internship, hopefully in London. From this I hope to gain valuable experience to put on my CV, so when I graduate, I can use this to hopefully get a job in the financial sector in London.