n280 - Agri-Business Management BSc

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Meet Taisie from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

It was a last minute decision to change from Geography to something agri-business based, and I was in a dilemma of where to accept as I had been very lucky to have a place at all of my choices. I asked lots of people and some friends and parents’ friends who had done similar courses at Newcastle, and everyone I spoke to said what a fun place it was to study. 

Studying at Newcastle

I love the diverse choice of modules. We cover everything from law, to marketing, to statistics and with everything I find I can see how useful it is to the business world and where it can be applied.

You can make it as agriculturally based as you like or, if you prefer, you can centre your degree around business in general. I have focused on the more food based modules such as ‘Food and Nutrition’ and ‘Food Marketing and Policy’ as opposed to ‘Farm Management’ or ‘Crop Production’ just to give a couple of examples.

Recommending Newcastle University

It’s a fantastic University with brilliant modules and structure. You get lots of support and all the staff in the School are very helpful. We are always kept up to date with events taking place within the faculty.

The Careers Service is excellent and will give hours of time to look and relook at your CV. There are also really good events you can get involved in such as Rise Up Flux where you build on your team working skills and get a chance to meet potential employers in a relatively informal environment.

Describing Newcastle

Newcastle is a vibrant and fun loving city where if you enjoy socialising you will embrace all of your time here. It is beautiful in its architecture and hides little gems like Jesmond Dene which is a little bit of green solace in an expanse of concrete.

The beach at Tynemouth is so close. It is a lovely beach to, not only walk on, but also if you’re a surfer and can stand the cold, the perfect way to get some fresh air into your lungs. The people are very friendly and you have brilliant transport links both North and South via either train or car.

Get Involved

The range of clubs and societies is so expansive. You are bound to find one which complements your interests. If you can’t, well why not set one up! Chances are there will be someone who wants to do the same as you.

I have been part of the clay club and the Agrics (Agricultural Society). Both have been very enjoyable and a good way of meeting new people.

Agrics is great fun and they are a lovely group of people to be friends with. They do fun fixtures where they visit other universities and it’s a really nice way to play some casual sport if you can’t make a university team or don’t have the time to dedicate to one; they have a mixed hockey team which is very friendly to get involved in even if you have never played before and netball team.

Living in Newcastle

I live in Jesmond and also lived there for my second year. It’s a lovely place to live, and I have been very lucky to find such nice houses.

There are so many houses on offer, but I would suggest you look to one which is a smaller newly refurbished maisonette if you are a house of six as it may be a slightly higher budget, but you spend less on heating as they are newer and better insulated and everything is in good working order.

It’s also good to take time over looking for houses. Everyone rushes at once but there is always something available. Don’t leave it too late but don’t think you have to sign for the first house you look at.

Future plans

I am looking into marketing or possibly recruitment as a job after university hoping to be based in London. However I also wish to start my own business and I think the help on offer at Newcastle from both my course and the Careers Service is invaluable at helping to influence my decision and the route to take.

Managing your money

Looking back, I wish I had got a part time job in first and second year as you really do have so much time on your hands and it’s a great way to make yourself stand out and third year is hectic so any free time you have, it’s nice to enjoy it doing something you like rather than working.

However, my advice would be just to enjoy university. If you can get by without a job, do, as it gives you the opportunity to get involved in more clubs, societies, sports teams and meet more people in the process. You could even do some volunteering which is a great way to boost your CV.