Linguistics BA Honours
UCAS Code: Q100 (3 Years)


Students working in the Library This degree focuses on how language works and what it does, from the physical properties of speech, to how languages change and develop over time.

You learn about the growth and development of language in the brain as well as methodologies for the scientific study of the human language faculty.

In addition, you study a modern language from a choice of French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese. 

You may also choose other topics from outside the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics.

In your final year there are extended study and dissertation modules, giving you the opportunity to investigate a topic that you are passionate about. You will also be offered a range of opportunities to participate in staff research projects.

Student profiles:

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The staff are so supportive and no concern is too big or small for them. There really is a friendly, comfortable environment which I think all the students can feel.

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