Linguistics with Chinese or Japanese BA Honours
UCAS Code: Q1T4 (4 Years)


Students working with our language facilities With the steady increase in global business activity, knowledge of an East Asian language is an important skill that is in demand with many employers.

This degree allows you to combine your interest in linguistics with the study of Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.

At each Stage, you spend two thirds of your time studying linguistics, concentrating on the structure, history and social aspects of English and language in general.

You spend the remaining third studying your chosen language.

You spend a year abroad during Stage 3 in either China or Japan, developing your language confidence and experiencing life in another culture.

Student profiles:

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I think the pace of the course is fast but fair, allowing you to be continually challenged but not too overstretched either. It has also allowed me to develop my knowledge of areas in linguistics which I had no previous knowledge of, as well basic skills in Japanese which is very fulfilling due to its perceived difficulty.

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