Modern Languages BA Honours
UCAS Code: T901 (4 Years)


Modern Languages studentsAt Newcastle you can study a striking range of languages, countries and cultures, in flexible combinations to match your interests.

You'll also spend a year abroad, immersed in the culture and societies of the countries that fascinate you.

You will develop near-native fluency in your chosen language(s) and gain an in-depth insight into the countries where your languages are spoken.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, including cinema, culture, history, politics, society, linguistics and literature.

We've been teaching modern languages for over 100 years at Newcastle, and our long history is testament to the quality of our teaching and research.

Student profiles:

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I chose Newcastle University because it has everything that I was looking for; a reputable course, a high profile within the national and global academic field and most importantly, a stimulating, supportive and fun environment to work in.

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