Modern Languages BA Honours
UCAS Code: T901 (4 Years)


Modern Languages students

*** Scholarships are available for high achieving UK/EU students joining this degree in 2016 ***

‌At Newcastle you can study a striking range of languages, countries and cultures, in flexible combinations to match your interests.

This degree is the most flexible way of combining your languages - you can study one, two or three languages.

You'll also spend a year abroad, immersed in the culture and societies of the countries that fascinate you.

You will develop near-native fluency in your chosen language(s) and gain an in-depth insight into the countries where your languages are spoken.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, including cinema, culture, history, politics, society, linguistics and literature.

Student profiles:

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I chose Newcastle University because it has everything that I was looking for; a reputable course, a high profile within the national and global academic field and most importantly, a stimulating, supportive and fun environment to work in.

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