y001 - Combined Honours BA

Photograph of student that studied this course

Meet Jesslyn from Indonesia

About me

Choosing Newcastle 

I chose Newcastle because it has an excellent reputation for the subjects that I am studying. I also like the fact the University is located right in the middle of the city centre, which means that my everyday university life is very lively and vibrant! Also, I can get to pretty much everywhere on foot!

Studying at Newcastle 

Combined Honours offers flexibility that suits me just perfectly. I get to choose most of my modules which means that I get to study something that I really enjoy.  

One thing that I have always been grateful for being a Combined Honours student is that I am supported by the wonderful staff. Every single one of them is very supportive and engaging. 

My favourite module is the Journalism practise module. It's very practical; I get to interview real people and produce news about them.

Recommending Combined Honours

If you are looking for something that is beyond academic experience, Combined Honours is definitely the one that you should consider! You are offered flexibility that you might not get in other courses and on top of that you will be given many opportunities to actually enhance your non-academic skills!

Living in Newcastle 

Newcastle is a very safe city which I think is the most important thing to know. It is also a very compact city which means you get to experience many things effortlessly. There are cinemas, a traditional market, shopping mall, Chinatown, gym, you name it.

I especially like the Quayside area which offers a nice waterfront view with many restaurants and art and cultural centres around it. You can also get to the coast very easily by the Metro!

Getting involved

I am involved in the Indonesian Society at Newcastle University in which we have just put on a ‘Discover Indonesia’ event which has generated many positive responses. I am also a member of the Christian Union society where I meet a lot of amazing and lovely people!

Managing my money

It is definitely worth doing some research about what kind of bursaries the University can offer. I was given the International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship in my first year which has somewhat eased my parents’ burden. Also, if you have a sibling in the University you can apply for the International Family discounts!

Future plans

I would like to work in the international education sector. The University has helped me to gain experience that would benefit me in the future. This summer, I am going to represent the University to work in Tanzania for a month which I believe will be a stepping stone for my future career.