Managing your Money at Newcastle University

Your spending patterns as a student (particularly if you're living away from home) may differ from what they have been up to now. If you plan ahead and are realistic about your budget, you shouldn’t have any problems striking a balance between work and play.

Living Costs – Our guide should give you an idea of some of the costs you can expect to encounter at University – you will, however, need to look at your own personal spending style in order to make more accurate budget estimates.

Make it Go Further – It's important to remember that your money has to last for the whole term, so read our tips on what you can do to make the most of what you have.

Finance Resources –our pick of the best finance resources out there to help you understand the new system.

Extra Help and Support – Find out about additional sources of funding to which you can apply if you experience unexpected financial problems while you are studying at Newcastle.

Financial Advice You can get impartial, confidential and free advice about a wide range of issues from The Student Advice Centre, based in the Students' Union.