Finance Resources

There are lots of resources out there to help you understand the new student finance system. They can also help you manage your money while you're at university. Here are some of our favourites.

Newcastle University Guide to Student Finance

Download our Guide to Student Finance 2015 Entry (PDF: 1.62MB)

GOV.UK resources

GOV.UK student finance site offers detailed information on:

  • student loans
  • grants
  • bursaries
  • other funding for university

You can use their student finance calculator to get an estimate of the funding you are eligible for.

Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information

Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information logo

Not sure how the new system works? Read through Martin Lewis's Student Loans Mythbusting.

Martin Lewis on Student Finance changes

Listen to Martin Lewis, creator of, speak in simple terms about the key changes to student finance from 2012.

The Student Room resources

For a range of helpful tools and guidance visit The Student Room.

The Brightside Trust resources

Find out what funding you could get and build a budget for your time at university with this free online student calculator.