Alumni Discount

Alumni Tuition Fee Discount

We offer a 20% reduction in undergraduate tuition fees for all alumni who are wholly or partially self-financing for an undergraduate degree. Find out if you're eligible below.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be:

  1. Applying for/intending to study for a degree-awarding undergraduate programme at Newcastle University. The majority of programmes of study qualify for the award, but please check the exceptions list below.
  2. A graduate of Newcastle University. That is, you must have qualified (or be due to qualify) on a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree (eg a BA, BSc, BEng, LLB, MA, MSc, MPhil, PhD, MLitt, MEd, MEng, MChem, MMath).
  3. Wholly or partially self-financing for the tuition fee element of your programme.


You are self-financing if you are paying all or part of your tuition fees yourself. We regard you as self-financing if you have support from a friend or relative and/or:

  • you have a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Student Finance Wales, or Student Finance Northern Ireland.
  • you are in receipt of other funding towards your studies. This funding includes scholarships, tuition fee discounts, bursaries or any other contribution towards your study costs. Students in receipt of such funding support will receive the discount on the balance of the tuition fee not covered by the funding support.

The Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is deducted from your tuition fees in the following order:

  1. Central/Faculty/School awards
  2. International Family Discount
  3. Alumni tuition Fee Discount
  4. Early payment discount


Details of the discount

  • Applicants for the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount must be beginning their studies on a qualifying programme of study at the University.
  • Awards cannot be made retrospectively and must be awarded during the admission process or the first year of study at Newcastle. 
  • If the discount scheme changes part way through your degree (eg we introduce a new percentage discount), you will stay on the discount scheme applied at the start of your degree.
  • Alumni discount is valid only when candidates register for studies during the academic year specified in their offer letter.
  • Students in receipt of an NHS bursary will receive the discount on the element of the tuition fee not covered by the bursary.
  • 20% alumni discount will apply for all full years of study.
  • 20% alumni discount applies only to the net fee that a student would otherwise pay – that is, after any other scholarships or award from the University have been deducted.
  • 20% discount on tuition fees is not transferable. The University does not permit the 20% fee discount to be used for any other purpose.
  • It is the duty of the student to tell the University if s/he has applied for or obtains funding for his/her tuition fees. If we find a student in breach of this regulation, the University is entitled to suspend any further discount at once and may seek to recover any or all amounts of previous payments made.
  • The University reserves the right to vary or withdraw the alumni discount at its sole discretion.


We do not offer the discount on any programme of study that does not lead to a degree. This includes:

  • pre-sessional programmes in English Language
  • English Language Foundation Programmes
  • occasional study programmes
  • exchange programmes
  • any certificate/diploma programme 
  • any continuing professional development programme


The following programmes are eligible:

Town Planning, Diploma (K495) plus specialist routes: Planning and Urban Design (1501U); Planning and Regeneration (1502U); Environmental Planning (1503U)

Previous study at Newcastle University

Previous study on the following types of programmes does not make you eligible to receive the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount:

  • pre-sessional programmes in English Language
  • English Language Foundation Programmes
  • occasional study programmes
  • exchange programmes
  • study abroad programmes
  • any certificate / diploma programme
  • any continuing professional development programme

Also, if you transfer from one programme to another as part of normal progression arrangements, you are not eligible for the alumni discount on the second or subsequent programme. For example:

  • a student who progresses from the BA in Architectural Studies/BA Architecture to the Certificate in Architectural Practice is not eligible for the discount as this is part of the normal progression arrangements for architectural studies
  • a student who progresses from the BA in Town Planning/BA Urban Planning to the Diploma in Town Planning is not eligible for the discount as this is part of the normal progression arrangements for town planning studies

Funding that disqualifies you from the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount

There are funding opportunities that are not applicable if you receive the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount. Check the regulations of these funding opportunities to ensure eligibility.

How to apply

If you think you are eligible for the alumni discount, please contact Student Services through our online enquiries form or by telephone on +44 (0) 191 208 3333.