Scott Mathematics BSc

Course dates: 2009 - 2012

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle primarily because of it's reputation. It was always something that I aimed for during my A Levels. Another deciding factor was the PARTNERS scheme, which allowed me to take part in a summer school to prepare me for university life. As I've lived here all my life, I felt there was no need to leave such an amazing city with a reputable institution on my doorstep!

Course So Far

The course so far has been everything I expected and more. I always thought it would be a natural continuation of the skills and areas of mathematics we practise at A Level. I was surprised to find out that we'd study such a diverse range of subjects.


I didn't know about the amount of financial support available to students purely for their work. I received bursaries in my first and second year of study purely because of the level of work I was producing.


The facilities are very good! There are always places you can go to do your work, whether this is in a group or on your own. Because the University is currently undergoing a lot of development, it is amazing to see the direct impact on our facilities - they're always improving!

Field Trips Projects

I am currently taking part in the 3rd year group project module which is an excellent module to practise your transferable employability skills which employers will be looking for after graduation.


The city has such a student friendly reputation! You have everything you need in Newcastle and because of the layout of the campus, you are never far from the places you need to be!

Where to Live

I lived at my parents' house in my first year and was sceptical at first about missing out on some of the experience - this wasn't the case! In second and third year I've moved into rented student accommodation which has been amazing. It allows you to become so much more independent and is something I would recommend to every student thinking about it!

Accommodation Tips

Budget and prioritize! Make sure you're always going to have enough money to last you until your next payday/student loan instalment. Remember, nobody's going to tidy your mess either so you need to keep in mind that the more mess you make, the more you're going to have to clean up - not that I take that advice!

Spare time

I try to get a good balance between studying and enjoying the rest of the student experience. There are a huge amount of societies and sports teams to get involved with so each Wednesday afternoon I would recommend trying some of the activities on offer. There's always the wide range of pub and grub crawls in the city too - something for everyone!

Best Thing

The whole thing! It is so welcoming and you always know where to turn to if you have a query, whether it be academic or personal! Freshers' Week is amazing for making friends and because everyone is in the same boat, as soon as you arrive you know you're going to make friends. Once you start your course, the amount of support from tutors and your school is very credible...and of course the perks of living in the best student city make it that little bit more epic!


I don't worry about the costs. I understand the way fees work and see it as an investment for the future, rather than a debt!