Phillip Combined Honours BA Honours

Course dates: 2009 - 2012

Choosing Newcastle

I decided to come to Newcastle University following my time at an open day. When I came to Newcastle I discovered how much of a vibrant and diverse city Newcastle is. The University itself is also a fantastic institution offering great teaching and support; there is a great mix between the academic and the social. I also decided to come to Newcastle due to their great Boat Club and facilities.

Studying at Newcastle

Combined Honours is a fantastic course. It offers a wide breadth of subjects and allows people to learn something new. I myself in first year picked up two new subjects, history of art and ancient history, alongside with modern history. I discovered that I really enjoy and am quite strong at ancient history and this would not have been discovered had it not been for Combined Honours.

The staff at the Combined Honours Centre are fantastic, they are very supportive and well informed. The degree programme director, Colin, is fantastic and shows a huge focus on the student experience and I think it is Colin who makes combined such a great degree to be apart of. He has introduced the PASS scheme, Mentor scheme and Peer Advisor scheme and these all allow for a better experience at university and make Combined a better degree programme to be apart of. At Combined, we are also very lucky to have our own common room. The common room is the 'hub' of contact and it is a very social place to be. It is also a place where one can crack on with some work.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle itself is a great city to be in. The nightlife is fantastic - it is varied so there is something for everyone. The architecture is amazing, especially on Grey Street. There are also links to the seaside and also into Northumberland.

I live in the city centre and this is a great place to be because you don't have to spend on taxi's at the end of a night out AND you don't have to get up as early for 9am lectures!

Accommodation tip - Go in with an open mind and just have fun!

Socialising at Newcastle

Until my final year, I spent my time working in a local wine bar, rowing, running, and then also spending time with my friends. In my final year I tend to spend most of my spare time in the library ...

Best thing about Newcastle

Being in Combined! (Cheesy i know). This is the best thing about being at the University because you are apart of so many different subject areas and you get to know people from all over the university. Combined is a very strong degree but it is a great department to be apart of with great people running the degree. Apart from that, the next best thing is the wide variety of societies and athletic clubs to be part of - something for everyone!