Travelling Around Newcastle

While Newcastle is the hub of activity in the North East, it is less congested than most large cities. With most of the city lying within one square mile, it's easy to get around. Many residential areas are within easy walking distance of the city centre and University campus, or are located on the Metro and bus routes.

Local Travel

The local authority has a policy of reducing the number of car journeys into the city. The University is also committed to helping staff leave their cars outside the city. It encourages alternatives such as public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing.

  • Staff Discounted Travel Scheme
    The University has negotiated discounted season tickets on public transport. The Metro makes commuting quick and efficient, and the Haymarket Metro Station is just over the road from the University campus. Two of the main bus stations are also within five minutes of the main University campus.

  • Cycle to Work Scheme
    Employees lease from the University a bike and safety equipment of their choice. Cycle lockers and changing facilities are also provided.

  • On-campus parking
    There is limited car parking available on campus, at a price commensurate with local, public parking provision.

National and International Travel

Links to timetables and further information for all forms of transport in the region are available on our transport pages.