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Research on League Tables

Research on League Tables

Our position on university rankings and league tables recommends that you treat them all with caution. If you wish to do some more research on the topic, here are some authoritative reports and articles.

Rauhvargers, Andrejs (2011) Global University Rankings and Their Impact (PDF: 3.4MB). EUA Report on Rankings 2011. Brussels: European University Association.

Brink, Chris (2010) Comparability ≠ Ranking (PDF: 178KB). Symposium on University Rankings. European Centre for Parliamentary Studies, June 2010, Brussels.

Hazelkorn, Ellen (2009) Rankings and the battle for world-class excellence. Higher Education Management and Policy, 21(1), pp. 55-76.

West, Peter W. A. (2009) A Faustian bargain? Institutional responses to national and international rankings. Higher Education Management and Policy, 21(1), pp. 11-18.