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A Civic University

Newcastle: a World-class Civic University

As a world-class civic university Newcastle's research is focused on addressing some of society's most pressing issues.

The primary feature of a civic university is its sense of purpose – an understanding of not just what it is good at, but what it is good for.

A civic university sees itself as delivering benefits to individuals, organisations and to society as a whole. It means putting academic knowledge, creativity and expertise to work, to come up with innovations and solutions that make a difference.

At Newcastle University, our combination of academic excellence on the supply side and a range of regional and global challenges on the demand side, has led to a reinvention of the traditional idea of a civic university.

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The Impact of a World-Class Civic University

'The Impact of a World-Class Civic University' features interviews with some of our leading academics. The case studies show we apply academic knowledge to come up with solutions that make a difference.

Download The Impact of a World-Class Civic University (PDF: 1.2MB).


International connections

We've mapped out some of the ways in which Newcastle University is making an impact on society globally. View our international partnerships map.