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Our commitment to addressing the global issue of sustainability goes beyond our leading research. We have developed resources for learning and teaching and a sustainable campus initiative.


We have an international reputation for research expertise in the field of sustainability. We are making a lasting impact by finding solutions to major global challenges.

Learning and teaching resources

The Sustainability Resource Guide contains links to information relating to many aspects of sustainability. It can be used for learning, teaching and research. The guide was produced by the:

You will also find case studies for teaching and examples of sustainability in the curriculum from all faculties in the University.

Sustainability on campus

Sustainability is at the heart of the University’s campus and operations. Our Environmental Management System is certified to both ISO14001 and EcoCampus Platinum. This ensures that we are continually improving our environmental performance.

There’s lots happening to make our campus more sustainable, including:

  • the introduction of bike racks and recycling facilities
  • upgrading of heating systems in our buildings
  • use of water saving fixtures in our student accommodation

The Sustainable Campus website contains information on key areas of environmental sustainability. It includes how we are performing and how you can get involved.

The sustainability policy is also available online.

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