Bicycle Storage

Bicycle Storage


Accommodation siteLockable storageExternal racksTotal spaces
Bowsden Court 50 8 58
Castle Leazes 92 94 186
Kensington Terrace and Park Terrace 0 30 30
Marris House 6 0 6
Park View 46 72 124
Windsor Terrace 10 0 10

Register for access to lockable storage

Please use this online form to register to use lockable bicycle storage.

Using the storage

We may occasionally need to suspend access to bicycle parking areas to enable maintenance access. We'll give you at least two weeks’ notice so that you can remove your bicycle. If you don't move it in time, we'll remove it.

The bicycle storage is not insured. Your standard Personal Possessions Insurance (provided as part of your accommodation contract) does not cover bicycles.

You are advised to use a strong lock and to take out extended insurance cover for your bicycle.

You must remove your bicycle at the end of your contracted stay.

Due to space constraints, if a bicycle is considered to have been abandoned, it will be removed and donated to charity.

External racks

You don't need to request permission to use the external bicycle racks. This facility is available to all residents and visitors on a first come, first served basis.

Contact us

If you've got any questions about bicycle parking, you can ask at your accommodation reception.