Reporting a fault

Reporting a fault

Find out how you can report faults and damages in your accommodation.


If something in your accommodation breaks or needs repairing just let us know. We have a team of maintenance staff and approved contractors who will aim to fix the problem quickly.

How to report a fault

You should report any faults or damage as soon as possible.  You can do this by:

Response Times

We will aim to deal with your repair as quickly as possible.  We prioritise repairs to ensure that the most urgent are dealt with first.


Target response


Immediate response

Urgent Response within one working day
Normal engineering defects Response within three working days
Normal building defects Response within five working days
Low priority Response within 15 working days
Lifts Response next working day


To help you identify what we would class as an emergency or urgent repair, there are some examples below. Please note that these are guidelines only and the list is not exhaustive:





Serious risk to life or property e.g. fire, flood or person stuck in lift

Immediate Response

  • Flat door/lock broken so is accessible to anyone
  • Serious leak/ingress of water (especially if coming through ceiling)
  • Issue with fire alarm
  • Pest control issues – infestation
  • No mains lighting (if poses a health and safety concern)
  • Electrical faults (if poses a health and safety concern)
  • Anything where security is compromised (i.e a broken window)


Considerable disruption to business or damage to property e.g. electrical failure in widespread area or flooding in large area

Respond within 1 working day

  • Power failures which are not resolved by resetting trip switch (if over a weekend)
  • No heating (when no alternative source can be supplied)
  • Electrics not working in room (if over a weekend)
  • Cooking facilities not working (if over a weekend)
  • Hot water off (if over a weekend)
  • No water at all



Internet Connection

We appreciate the importance of internet connection at this time, which allows you to partake in online study as well as many other recreational activities.