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ResLife @ NCL. Engage Grow Belong

ResLife at Newcastle

Your ResLife (Residences Life) team is a dedicated and award winning team within the Accommodation Service who are here to help you have a fantastic first year experience.

ResLife aims to support all of our students within University-owned and managed partnership accommodation to make your first year in University halls the best it can be as you make the transition into higher education, independent living and creating new friendships.

It will develop a lively and fully inclusive community within the three student villages (Castle Leazes Student VillageKensington/Park Student Village and Park View Student Village); each of these villages has a dedicated ResLife Coordinator, who is supported by ResLife Student Assistants (RSAs) in aiding the social, academic and personal integration of new students in the accommodation.

We are here to build a sense of belonging and community through an organised events programme; this includes everything from photo/scavenger hunts and inter-hall competitions to movie nights and cooking classes.  You’ll benefit from free interactive ResLife ‘Hacks’ on topics such as healthy living, drug and alcohol awareness, finances and budgeting, consent, safety and security, sustainability, handling difficult dialogues and situations, and everything independent living.

In collaboration with other university services, we will enhance your residential experience through a fun interactive programme of events, peer to peer/staff support and personal development/life skills within your new home.

ResLife will support you on your student journey from your arrival, to making friends and finding your way around campus, becoming an active and positive member of your academic community. Finally we will support you in finding your home for second year and being a member of the wider community should you need us. 

We can’t wait for you to be a part of the ResLife community.

Student feedback from 2019-2020 ResLife Exit Survey:

‘ResLife played a brilliant role in my first-year experience!’

‘Thank you for the amazing job u guys are doing. It means a lot especially to international students!’

‘Oh, where do I start! A big thank you to all of you for being there all those lonely times. For making me meet some of the best people, and for being some of the best people ever! I love you guys. I hope I meet you again soon.’



Your ResLife Team

Your ResLife Team are:

ResLife Manager (RLM)
Tony Chapman-Wilson

Your award-winning ResLife Team is led by your ResLife Manager who oversees the ResLife programme across our Student Villages and works in collaboration with the wider university. In addition to this, he has also ran successful Glee Clubs, Connections Theatre Performances, and designed the ResLife curriculum and delivered ResLife Skill Seminars. 


ResLife Coordinators (RLCs)

Within each Student village, ResLife is overseen by a dedicated ResLife Coordinator (RLC). They look after your RSA team, work collaboratively with other university services to ensure the high-quality delivery of events and support your ResLife programme. They also provide student support within your Student Village running ResLife Connect and support sessions so you always have staff support near at hand.

Castle Leazes Student Village                             

Laura Ruddle


Kensington/Park Student Village             
Includes: Grand Hotel, Jesmond Rd, Bowsden Court, Windsor Terrace, Kensington Terrace & Park Terrace

Stephen Olver


Park View Student Village                       
Includes: Park View and Marris House       

Pam Bonner                           


Services Development Officer

Peter Hunter

This is a diverse role which leads on multiple areas of ResLife including ‘ResAction’, our student volunteer network who promote and engage in sustainability pledges, campaigns and sustainable behaviours within the Student Accommodation.

ResLife Student Assistants (RSAs)

ResLife Student Assistants (RSAs) are experienced students in second year studies or above who provide peer to peer support to you directly from within your new home. They run regular connect and support sessions for you to ask questions or for guidance, as well as a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive programme of events.

‘Here at Newcastle, we see our ResLife Student Assistants as an essential part of ensuring that ResLife remains student led.  Our RSAs are from very diverse backgrounds and bring a great deal of lived experience to the program.  The quality of our RSA delivery has recently received national recognition with one of our Student Assistants (Putu Sudiana) receiving the CUBO 2020 RA Award for exceptional performance.’

Student feedback from 2019-2020 ResLife Exit Survey:

‘I’d just like to thank the ResLife team for making my stay so enjoyable and welcoming and wish them the best in the future!’
‘I truly appreciate the effort the ResLife staff put in for the students. I am also grateful for how kind they were.’


Student Villages

Our lively student communities create a sense of belonging throughout your stay.

Within the University-owned accommodation there are three student villages, with each having its own unique feel and vibrant atmosphere and all are committed to ensuring your support, growth and some fun also within your first year with us.

Engage, grow and belong in your new home. Find out about the different villages below:

  • Park View Student Village
  • Kensington Park Student Village
  • Castle Leazes Student Village

Student feedback from 2019-2020 ResLife Exit Survey:

 "ResLife was always very supportive and helpful’

















































From social events to life skills workshops, ResLife will have something for everyone.

 Our Seven Day Events Programme is designed with the following aims in mind. 

  1. To provide peer to peer and staff support in your new home.
  2. To create a sense of belonging through engaging in events within your new home.
  3. To allow you to grow and gain life skills to be able to thrive in your first year and beyond.

 Make sure you check your emails for updates on all things ResLife.

 Student feedback from 2019-2020 ResLife Exit Survey:

 ‘………. very helpful and always organised useful good events’

 ‘I believe the ResLife team was particularly important to people who were new to Newcastle as a city. I’d like to say thank you for making it an enjoyable experience living in Leazes and I hope that this is upheld for future students!’


ResLife Support

Support is available in your accommodation seven days a week either from peers (RSAs) or Staff (RLC). You can pop in or book an appointment for a ResLife Connect and support slot.

We also have a resident’s support manager that we work closely with and will be able to provide more enhanced support and direction to university services. 

Student feedback from 2019-2020 ResLife Exit Survey:

‘Friendly easy to talk to people you could easily have chat with if ever you were down or had a problem. A friendly face, who I can ask questions to about life at Uni, where to go and what activities are available to me’


Regular Social Events

A huge variety of regular events happen on weekly and monthly schedules.

Quiz nights, movie nights, gaming nights, table tennis all things you can do to meet new people.

Check out the month’s schedule of activities:


ResAction- Sustainability Events

Sustainability Pledging and Campaigns are well received by our students, and this year we will continue to develop these.
Swap Shop and Upcycle events are also planned and ready to go for 2020-2021 – watch this space!
There will also be a ResLife Climate Quiz, Climate Movie Nights, and an Online Climate Crisis Quiz, as well as a  range of Instagram competitions ?allowing you to show us your approaches to everything recycling and sustainability.




ResLife Skills

Living on your own just got easy!

ResLife Skills

‘ResLife hacks’ provides ResLife Skills to help you on your first year journey.

How to videos: provided to help you use all the amenities within your home. 

Vlogs & PodCasts with relevant up to date contact about first the first year experience.  

ResLife Connect is there to help with any issues big or small whether it is to signpost you to excellent university services or talk through flat mate issues your ResLife team are there to ensure you have support at hand seven days a week. This service is available via our online Zoom Room for Term 1 20/21. Contact your ResLife team to book an informal session.

So see what is available:

  • Welcome Weeks
  • ResLife ‘Hacks’

Don’t forget to check us out on Canvas as well for everything ResLife!



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