September 2020 applicants

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Engage, grow, belong!

ResLife at Newcastle

ResLife aims to support all of our students within University-owned and managed partnership accommodation to make your first year in University halls the best it can be as you make the transition into higher education, independent living and creating new friendships.

It will develop a lively and fully inclusive community within the three student villages (Castle Leazes Student Village, Kensington/Park Student Village and Park View Student Village); each of these villages has a dedicated ResLife Coordinator, who is supported by ResLife Student Assistants (RSAs) in aiding the social, academic and personal integration of new students in the halls.

We are here to build a sense of belonging and community through an organised events programme; this includes everything from treasure hunts and inter-hall battles to movie nights and cooking classes.

Other than keeping the fun going, we also provide a friendly ear when you need it. We can chat to you about just about anything, from homesickness (don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal!), making friends or general life skills (your laundry will never shrink again) – whatever it is, we’ll be here with a cuppa and some wisdom to share. 

ResLife includes drop-in sessions within the villages, opportunity for 1-2-1 sessions and support, as well as an educational curriculum to help you build skills in preparation for independent living in the community and being a good neighbour. Our goal is also to help you through things such as anxiety/stress/worries over assessments, etc.

You’ll benefit from free interactive seminars on topics such as healthy living, drug and alcohol awareness, finances and budgeting, consent, safety and security, sustainability, handling difficult dialogues and situations, and cross-cultural competences. These will be facilitated by the ResLife team, RSAs and visiting specialists (i.e. the Fire Service, Council Public Health team), and supported by the Writing Development Service, Student Health and Wellbeing, the Careers Service, NUSU, etc.

Your ResLife Team

Your ResLife Team

Aside from your dedicated site team who looks after your comfort, each student village has its very own ResLife Coordinator who will be your friendly guide throughout the year:


Tony Chapman-Wilson
ResLife Manager


Pam Bonner
ResLife Coordinator
Park View Student Village


Stephen Olver
ResLife Coordinator
Kensington/Park Student Village

  Laura Martin
ResLife Coordinator
Castle Leazes Student Village
















Say hi when you see us around or email us if you have suggestions about new events, need advice, or just need a friend.

ResLife Student Assistants (RSAs)

Your village will also have an amazing team of RSAs based in the accommodation who will provide your peer to peer support. They will run drop in sessions and to support with the ResLife events programme.
If you are in study stage 2 or above and are interested in becoming an RSA, please contact

Student Villages

Our lively student communities create a sense of belonging throughout your stay.

Now that you have arrived at Newcastle University and moved into your home for the next few months, ResLife is here to help you make new friends, learn some valuable life skills and to feel part of your student village. 

Our student villages are a home away from home, with their own personalities and quirks, and being part of a student community will help you grow in your first year of independent living. There will be a range of activities and events designed for you which reflect the ‘personality’ of your student village.

Visit the individual village pages to find out more about them:

Each of the villages has an assigned colour; look out for these across campus and you might just meet someone who lives nearby! 


From social events to life skills workshops, ResLife will have something for everyone.

To find out what events are coming up in your area, visit your individual village page:

The events and activities will vary across the residences to allow for the unique character of your ‘home from home’ to shine through. However, all villages will offer the following:

  • Monday – Drop-ins with your ResLife Coordinator and with your ResLife Student Assistants
  • Tuesday – Evening ResLife event and ResLife Student Assistants drop-ins
  • Wednesday – Bookable 1-2-1 sessions with your ResLife Coordinator and drop-in sessions with your ResLife Student Assistants
  • Thursday - Bookable 1-2-1 sessions and a drop-in session with your ResLife Coordinator, evening ResLife event, and ResLife Student Assistants drop-ins
  • Friday - Bookable 1-2-1 sessions and a drop-in session with your ResLife Coordinator, and ResLife Student Assistants drop-ins. You can also speak to your ResLife Student Assistants to enjoy ‘Free Friday’ where you can request a specific event. These must be requested a minimum of seven days in advance, and will allow you and the ResLife Student Assistants to work together to design your own Friday event calendar.
  • Saturday – Morning and afternoon ResLife Student Assistants drop-ins
  • Sunday – Morning and afternoon ResLife Student Assistants drop-ins


Living on your own just got easy!

To help you figure this "adult life" thing out, we will be running a range of fun seminars throughout the year, covering topics such as doing your laundry, cooking, finding your way around, healthy eating and more. Come along and learn real life skills whilst having a good time!

Visit your individual village page to find out what's on and book your place:

See you there!