ResLife and Newcastle is here to enhance your student experience. Through a programme of events and a residential curriculum, we aim to make your transition to university life a smooth, enjoyable experience.

ResLife at Newcastle

From cooking lessons and quiz nights to gaming events and book clubs – your ResLife Team works with the Students’ Union, Sports Team, Health and Wellbeing Team and more to make sure your stay here sets you up with skills and memories to last forever.

We are here to build a sense of belonging and community in each of the student villages and make your first year in University halls the best it can be through an organised events programme. This includes everything from treasure hunts, inter-hall battles and move nights to cooking classes.

Other than keeping the fun going, we also provide a friendly ear when you need it. We can chat to you about just about anything, from homesickness (don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal!), making friends or general life skills (your laundry will never shrink again) – whatever it is, we’ll be here with a cuppa and some wisdom to share. See the "Your ResLife Team" tab to find out who we are. 

See the “what’s on” tab to see the exciting things we have planned for you, and the “chat to us” tab for information on where to find us when you need us.

Your ResLife Team

Your ResLife Team

Aside from your dedicated site team who looks after your comfort, each student village has its very own ResLife Coordinator who will be your friendly guide throughout the year:


Tony Chapman-Wilson
ResLife Manager


Pam Bonner
ResLife Coordinator
Park View Student Village


Stephen Olver
ResLife Coordinator
Kensington/Park Student Village

  Laura Martin
ResLife Coordinator
Castle Leazes Student Village
















Say hi when you see us around (see the “Get in Touch” tab to see when you can catch us), or email us if you have suggestions about new events, need advice, or just need a friend.

ResLife Student Assistants (RSAs)

Your village will also have a team of amazing team of RSAs based in the accommodation who will provide your peer to peer support. They will run drop in sessions and to support with the ResLife events programme! 
If you are in study stage 2 or above and are interested in becoming an RSA please contact

Student Villages

Our lively student communities create a sense of belonging throughout your stay.

Being part of a student community helps support you and help you grow in your first year of independent living. Our student villages are a home away from home, with their own personalities and quirks.

Each of the villages has an assigned colour; look out for these across campus and you might just meet someone who lives nearby! 

Castle Leazes Student Village (burgundy)

If there’s anything Castle Leazes Student Village doesn’t lack, it’s character. This site has a long-standing reputation of being the place for socialising due to its many amazing social spaces.
Your Castle Leazes ResLife Coordinator is Laura; see the “Your ResLife Team” tab to get to know her and get in touch! 

Kensington/Park Student Village (blue)

Kensington/Park Student Village includes the most residences out of the three, and includes Kensington and Park Terraces, Windsor Terrace, Jesmond Road, Grand Hotel, Bowsden Court and St Mary’s College. Whilst all the residences are very different, they are all known for their charm and tight-knit communities which create friendships to last a lifetime.
Your Kensington/Park ResLife Coordinator is Stephen; see the “Your ResLife Team” tab to get to know him and get in touch!

Park View Student Village (green)

Park View Student Village includes the biggest number of students, from across Park View and Marris House. This makes for a lively site which often mingles with its neighbour, Castle Leazes just across the moor. Some might say it’s double trouble, but we see it as double the fun!
Your ResLife Coordinator is Pam; see the “ResLife” tab to get to know her and get in touch!


From social events to life skills workshops, ResLife will have something for everyone.

Our full and exciting programme events will launch soon for September 2019. Watch this space!

Get in touch

Find us on site or get in touch online!

You can say hi to us in your halls whenever we’re around, or get in touch through email – whichever you prefer, we’re here to help!

Find us on site

From September your ResLife Coordinators will be available on site. Details about our drop in sessions and availability will be available soon. 

Find us online

If you have any questions about ResLife and what is on offer please email us at For your ResLife Coordinator's contact details, see the "Your ResLife Team" tab.