Room Changes

September 2020 applicants

The information below is subject to change due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. This page will be updated accordingly as circumstances change.

Room Changes

Find out about room swaps and transfers, and living together with your partner or family.

Room swaps and transfers

If you're unhappy with your room or residence, you can apply to swap or transfer rooms.

A room swap is where you find another student currently living in our accommodation who would like to swap with you. You will take over their room and contract and they'll take over yours.

A room transfer is where you apply to be allocated to a room in our accommodation that is currently empty. 


If your circumstances change and you wish to live with your family, we have family accommodation you can apply for.

You can bring your partner and up to three dependent children. 


If your partner decides to join you or you wish to move out of two single rooms and into a couple room, you can apply for couple accommodation

You can apply even if only one of you is a registered student at Newcastle University.

If you are both registered students, only one of you need apply.