Room Swaps

Find out how you can swap a room with another student

Finding someone to swap with

If you'd like to swap rooms with someone, you can post a message on our Facebook page advertising that you are looking for a swap.  

Who you can swap with

Undergraduates cannot normally swap with postgraduates and vice versa. As rooms are allocated to ensure a good student, it may not always be possible for a swap to be agreed. Other restriction may apply, the allocations team are best to advise you on these when you are looking for potential swaps.

If one student is withdrawing from the University, or leaving their accommodation to live elsewhere, this does not count as a swap.

When can you swap?

Room swaps can take place before you arrive at Newcastle or while you are living in your accommodation.  If you want to swap before you arrive, both parties must be happy to do so without viewing the room.

How to arrange a swap

Prior to arrival

Once you have found someone to swap with, you will need to complete our web enquiry form. You can find this in the ‘Contact us’ section of the ‘Your Journey’ page of your online application. Both students will need to provide us with the name, student number and room details of the person they wish to swap with to find out if the room swap is possible. If the room swap can be arranged, we will send you new contracts electronically.

When you are living here

Once you have found someone to swap with and contacted the accommodation team to see if the swap is possible, you can arrange to view each other’s room to make sure you’re both completely happy with the proposed swap. After you've agreed on the move in date, please contact us again to arrange for a new accommodation contract to be sent.   

Further Important Information

Room swaps can take place between more than two students. All students must be in agreement to continue with the swap for it to be carried out successfully. For example if three students are swapping and one no longer wishes to move, the other two students may no longer be able to swap.

When swapping rooms it is your responsibility to ensure your room is clean and ready for the new occupant. Accommodation Service will not provide any additional cleaning service. New contracts will be issued by the Allocations Team and keys should be returned to Customer Services Reception on your departure.  When you arrive at your new residence, you will collect keys to the new room from Customer Services Reception and sign the relevant registration card.

Room swaps cannot take place without the agreement of the Accommodation Service and the issuing of new contracts. There are legal and financial implications to each contract. If you carry out an unauthorised swap, you will have to move back to your original room and will be charged if cleaning is required.

Students with any outstanding accommodation charges are not permitted to move to an alternative room unless for financial reasons.


See Rent Adjustments for details of how the swap may affect your rent and payment schedule.

If you have any questions please contact us.