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Parking & Travel

We have car parking facilities at our accommodation.

Car parking

We currently have 40 resident parking spaces available at Bowsden Court and 36 resident parking spaces at Castle Leazes. We do not offer resident parking spaces at any of our other accommodation.


Parking permits are booked per term. If you’re an undergraduate student wanting to park for the entire year, you will need a permit for terms one, two, and three. Postgraduate students who want to park over the summer must also book for term four.

Parking management

We have a Parking Management System to manage the parking facilities. The Estates & Facilities Service is responsible for the management of University car parking areas on the main campus and other University premises. The Service is also responsible for the issuing of permits and permissions for colleagues, students, visitors and contractors for use of University car parking areas.

The University campus is privately owned and conditions apply for parking vehicles on the premises. These conditions are displayed on signs at the entrance roads and in parking areas. When you drive and park on campus, you are considered to have agreed to these conditions and are legally bound by them. 

Enforcement of parking conditions

If a vehicle is parked in a way that violates these conditions, you will face enforcement action from both University Security and our designated parking enforcement partner, Open Parking. Such violations could include not being within a designated bay or in a "No Parking At Any Time" area. This rule applies to all vehicles, regardless of whether they are driven by University colleagues, contractor, visitor, student, or any other individual.

Enforcement is initiated as follows:

  • Security officers will issue a parking charge notice (PCN) to motor vehicles left on campus that contravene parking conditions – i.e., outside of marked or signed bays, or without a valid temporary/previously issued permit.
  • A PCN requires a payment of £60 within 28 days of receipt, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.
  • Where a PCN is unpaid, our parking enforcement provider will proceed with debt collection action and may decide to take legal action in the County Court.
  • Where there are repeated parking contraventions by colleagues or students, issued permits will be rescinded and permit applications restricted, and the individual may be subject to disciplinary action as per University regulations.


Contact us

If you've got any questions about accommodation parking, please contact the relevant accommodation reception

Public transport

Information about public transport can be found on the NEXUS website.

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