How to Choose

How to Choose

There are many things to think about when considering where to live.

Large or small community

Some of our residences accommodate large numbers of students and offer a student village atmosphere. This is perfect for some students, while others may find it overwhelming and would prefer a smaller building with fewer students.

Each of our residence pages tells you how many rooms it has, so that you can find something that suits you most.

Mixed or single-gender accommodation

We have mixed or single-gender flats. Sharing with both male and female students suits some, but not others. You have the opportunity to select single gender if you prefer to live only with students of the same gender as you.

At Castle Leazes where rooms are centred on a corridor, while the buildings are mixed, you will share floors with students of the same gender.

Where possible, we will try to allocate to mixed gender if this is your choice, but we cannot guarantee this. 


Living on your own is a great opportunity to learn to manage your finances, and choosing the right accommodation is the first step to ensuring that things go smoothly.

En suite facilities are more expensive than standard or washbasin rooms. If you are looking to save money, you might want to consider sharing shower facilities. 

Accommodation closer to the campus is also more expensive than our off campus location at Bowsden Court. We offer a reduced rent to help with travelling costs, and also offer free car parking.

Catered or self-catered

Catered accommodation includes the cost of meals, so although it looks more expensive, you might end up saving money on food spending (depending on how confident you feel to plan your meals). It's a great option for knowing your costs upfront and budgeting.

Self-catered accommodation is cheaper, but you'll have to pay for and prepare all your own meals, as well as having to wash up.

When all that's considered, there isn't really much difference in price between the two options. Think about whether you want the ease of catered or the flexibility of self-catered accommodation.

On or off campus

The majority of our accommodation sites are within 10 minutes walk from the campus and city centre.  As Newcastle is a fairly compact city, even those residences that are off campus are not very far from the city centre.

If you live on campus, you'll have immediate access to all the University and city centre facilities, and most likely won't need to use public transport.

The benefits of living off campus include the rent being cheaper, typically being in a quieter area (although not always), and you can explore new areas of the city.


Think about whether you're happy to share a bathroom with others. If you'd prefer a private bathroom, you can consider en suite accommodation. 

Some residences offer on-site communal activities and others are close to sporting facilities. Decide what facilities are important to you and check which residences includes these.

Special requirements

If you have specific disability-related needs, look at what our accessible accommodation can offer.

If you'd like more advice before submitting your online application, please contact us.