Types of Rooms

Types of Rooms

If you choose to live in University-Managed or Managed Partnership accommodation, you'll need to consider what type of room will best suit you.

All of our rooms are study-bedrooms, meaning that they combine your sleeping and study space. Each has:

  • a bed (single, four foot, double or twin single)
  • a desk and chair
  • a wardrobe
  • shelving

The ratio of facilities to residents is available in our Accommodation Overview‌ (PDF: 75KB). 

Rooms are normally allocated to students of similar age and academic status. This helps you make friends and develops a strong feeling of community.

Heating, lighting and an internet connection are included as standard (up to a set amount in Managed Partnership accommodation).

Some residences include a TV in the communal area and some include a TV licence. If you bring your own TV for your bedroom, to watch or record any live TV or download or watch BBC programmes via a PC, laptop or tablet you'll need to get a separate TV licence.