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Find out what our current and past students have to say

Our testimonials offer a glimpse into the daily lives of our residents and provide an honest and authentic representation of what it's like to live in our accommodation. From the facilities and services available to the community atmosphere and support provided, you'll get a sense of what makes living in a Newcastle University-owned accommodation great. 

We hope these testimonials help you get a better understanding of the supportive environment we offer to our residents. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our student accommodation, please Contact Us.


"Our ResLife team organises different activities such as bingo nights, movie nights, quiz games, art/crafts and festive events – my experience couldn’t be more awesome. Coming to Newcastle to study and staying in University accommodation is one of the best choices I’ve made".


"ResLife certainly made my first year at Newcastle University brighter – it was a great way to get to know people. Now, I’m lucky enough to be a ResLife assistant and I love my job! I know that the service we are offering can make someone’s day a little better".


"ResLife has been there for me since the very start. Living in a new city abroad, which doesn’t share much of your culture, can be very intimidating. ResLife has helped me ease into, not only University, but this city and country, as well. I think it’s the best thing about University accommodation".