Private Sector Accommodation

Private Sector Accommodation

Free help and advice for all Newcastle University students


Renting in the private sector is often the preferred choice of a wide range of students including returning undergraduates, new and continuing postgraduates and students with families.

Our Residences Support Team can provide help and advice for Newcastle University students wishing to rent in the private sector. You can come along to one of our drop ins at your Halls of Residence or student flats and do not need an appointment for this.

We provide information on all aspects of private rented accommodation during your time at University and advise on finding suitable private sector accommodation to meet your needs. We also offer advice on tenancy related issues such as disrepair, difficulties with your landlord or co-tenants. For those looking for accommodation on their own, we also run a Find a Flatmate scheme during term time from Term 2.

How we can help

We can offer information on popular student areas and current rent levels you can expect in Newcastle, offer advice on paying deposits and other aspects of a private sector tenancy.

We'll also provide information on housing regulations and amenities in the private sector to ensure you are well informed.

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