Paying Deposits & Signing Contracts

September 2020 applicants

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Paying Deposits and Signing Contracts

Tenancy Agreements

Once you have found a property, you could be asked to sign a contract straight away, or you may be asked to give personal details and leave a deposit, and return later to sign a contract.

Before you sign make sure you know what you are signing for to avoid any problems during your tenancy.

The Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union provides a Contract Review Service. They will check the agreement for you, making sure you're not in for any nasty surprises, and advise you on whether they think you should sign or not.

We advise you use this service before you sign anything. It's essential that you understand what you are signing and committing to.

Types of contracts


Your landlord will charge a refundable deposit as security against the tenancy. This is separate from your rent payments.

Your deposit is refunded at the end of your tenancy after you have moved out, returned keys and the landlord has checked your property. A landlord may make deductions from a deposit to cover certain costs.

These costs generally include any repairs or damage that result from the negligence of the tenant. This can also include any necessary cleaning.

Deposit protection

Deposits must be held in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme by your landlord. You can find further details of how these schemes work on the GOV.UK website.

The aim of this is to make sure that you get part or all of your deposit back, if you are entitled to it. It also provides an arbitration service in case of any disputes with your landlord.

The Scheme encourages landlords and tenants to make a clear agreement at the start of the tenancy on the condition of the property.

Make sure that your landlord gives you details of which deposit scheme they're using.


We can offer basic housing advice to assist you during your search for private accommodation and are here to support you with any concerns whilst you live in the private rented sector

The Private Sector Team offers advice to students living in the private sector. Find us in Student Services on Level 2 of the Kings Gate building.

Contract advice

Contact the Student Advice Centre to arrange an appointment to have your contract checked before signing, or for any other contractual issues during your tenancy.

The Student Advice Centre is in the Students' Union.

Telephone: 0191 2393979