Useful Information

September 2020 applicants

The information below is subject to change due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. This page will be updated accordingly as circumstances change.

Useful Information

We have lots of information that'll help you get started in your new property. Find out how to check your gas meter or when your bins get collected.

Fire Safety Advice

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service have created a short video aimed at students which we recommend you watch. You can also find useful information at the Tyne and Wear Fire Rescue Service website.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Take care when cooking- don’t leave anything unattended or attempt to cook after drinking alcohol, Ensure your oven and hob are fully turned off before you leave the kitchen  
  • Don’t use deep-fat fryers and keep your cooker /grill pan clean to avoid fat catching fire
  • Don’t use candles or hang fabrics on walls or ceilings
  • Do not cover/ dry clothes on storage heaters and ensure all heaters are turned off before going to bed
  • Keep the kitchen door shut when cooking and your shower door fully closed when in use, as detectors are sensitive to activation
  • Most properties are smoke-free areas-please respect this to protect your and your co-tenants safety
  • Your property should have mains wired interlinked smoke detection in bedrooms, living rooms, halls and landings and heat detection in kitchens. Report any problems with your heat and smoke detectors to your landlord asap (detectors will beep when batteries need replacing)
  • Ensure that you only use electrical appliances where the wiring looks in good condition and do not overload sockets/adaptors 
  • Do NOT prop fire doors open- they are there to protect you. Keep the stairs/corridors clear as this is your route out of the property should there be a fire. Ensure all internal doors are closed before you go to bed to protect your escape route
  • If your detectors/ fire alarm sounds, assume it is a real fire and leave your accommodation immediately. When a safe distance from the property call the fire service on 999. Do not re-enter your room/property until you have been told it is safe to do so by the Fire Service
  • If you don’t have a thumb turn lock, ensure you have front and back door keys easily accessible to allow you to exit the property quickly if required

Safety and welfare

Information from these links will help you to stay safe and prevent crime:


Run all taps on sinks and baths as well as the shower for ten minutes when you first move into your property. This is to flush out old water sitting in the pipes that may carry bacteria.

Do this whenever you've been away from your accommodation for a long time.

Download our guide on How to Read Your Water Meter (PDF: 147 KB).

Gas and electricity

The information from these links will help you stay safe and save energy:

General advice

The following links provide useful information and guidance for your area and during your tenancy.

Your tenancy

Bins and recycling

Getting around

TV and Council Tax