Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Direct Debit Options

Most students pay their accommodation charges by direct debit. This means you can spread your payments termly throughout the year.

A Direct Debit is a simple, safe and convenient banking service, which enables you to authorise your Bank/Building Society to automatically pay your accommodation charges when they are due. 

  • A UK bank/building society is required, ask for details to set up a current account.
  • The Direct Debit account holder will receive an email (Advanced Payment Notice) to confirm their account details and the amounts and dates of instalments. We will notify you at least ten working days in advance of any amendments. 

Instalment options

39/40 week University-owned Accommodation contract

Three termly 1 November, 1 February and 7 May

 50 week University-owned Accommodation contract

Four termly 1 November, 1 February, 7 May and 1 July

Note: Termly instalment amounts vary according to number of nights in the term

Set Up a Direct Debit

Find out how to set up a direct debit to pay your accommodation charges.

  • You must have a UK bank account
  • Complete a direct debit instruction in one of two easy ways:
    DD Instruction Form‌ (PDF: 167KB) (to be returned to Accommodation Service)

Return address: 

Accommodation Services
Newcastle University
King's Gate
Newcastle upon Tyne

EU/International students

Most overseas students will not be able to open a sterling bank account until you arrive in the UK.

If you confirm details of your UK bank account before 14 October 2021, you can apply using one of the methods detailed above. 

Accommodation Finance will contact you by e-mail with additional information if a Direct Debit is set up after 14 October 2021. 

Further guidance and information is available at Direct Debit FAQs

Payment Dates

Find out when your payments are due if you chose to pay by direct debit.

Academic year 2021-22

Payment collection dates 2021-22

Accommodation payment date

Last date for changes to bank account

Last date to request a payment postponement

Last date to make a manual payment

1 November 2021

1 February 2022

7 May 2022

1 July 2022

14 October 2021

13 January 2022

19 April 2022

14 June 2022

27 October 2021

26 January 2022

3 May 2022

27 June 2022

27 October 2021

26 January 2022

3 May 2022

27 June 2022

If you need to make changes to your bank account, contact us at

Billing periods

Find out the start and end dates of our billing periods.

The billing periods for students in University-owned accommodation are as follows:

  • 4 July 2021 to 31 August 2021
  • 1 September 2021 to 8 January 2022
  • 9 January 2022 to 23 April 2022
  • 24 April 2022 to 25 June 2022
  • 26 June 2022 to 3 September 2022