For Couples & Families

For Couples and Families

We have a variety of accommodation available for students with partners, and one residence for students with families.

Couples Accommodation

We have a number of options available for undergraduate and postgraduate students with partners, whether both of you or only one of you will be studying with us.

We have self-contained studios at Kensington Terrace specifically for couples without children. We also have some couples flats available in Bowsden Court.

The accommodation for couples is at:

Couples accommodation is subject to availability. If we can't find you University accommodation, we'll help point you in the right direction to find accommodation in the private-rented sector.

Family Accommodation

We welcome family applications from students with a maximum of three dependent children, who can be considered for our two and three-bedroom properties at Bowsden Court.

We can't provide accommodation for extended family such as grandparents, other relatives or hired help.

A number of families live in the accommodation for the duration of their studies, so only a small number are available to new students in September. Demand for family accommodation is high and unfortunately we can't guarantee availability.

If you have not received a formal offer of family accommodation, we recommend that you do not bring your family to Newcastle until you have organised suitable accommodation. If you arrive alone, we can usually offer a single room until you can find accommodation for your family.

If we can't offer you University family accommodation, you will need to consider looking for private-sector accommodation on arrival. This can be difficult to arrange and can often take weeks to organise, so it's worth planning ahead and giving yourself plenty of time to find a place. We strongly encourage you to also view all private accommodation before committing to a property.

If you need help finding private accommodation, we will be able to advise you.