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Park View Student Village show rooms have arrived and are dressed to impress.

Our new show rooms are located on Wallace Street close to the Baddiley-Clark Building and University Sports Centre.

The front facing glass viewing panels have been specially fitted to encourage 24/7 external viewing (in our en suite bedroom this glass panel will be a wall). Our show rooms comprise:

• A standard en suite bedroom which is to scale.
• A kitchen/living area which is NOT to scale.

This area of the show room has been designed to showcase the quality of the furniture, fixtures and equipment provided, but due to space restrictions we couldn’t fit everything in!

Mounted internal and external sample boards show our room layouts, so visitors can see what goes where and on our television, viewers can watch a short promotional CIMC video showing the process and advantages of off-site construction modular build.

On University Open Days we will open our front door to welcome prospective students and their families inside. From hand and nose prints regularly washed away from the viewing panels we know we’re already attracting lots of interest, so to tempt people into taking a closer look we leave the lights on.

Park View Student Village showroom

published on: 23 September 2017