Raman Spectroscopy

The HR800 is an integrated Raman system. The microscope is coupled confocally to a 800mm focal length spectrograph equipped with two switchable gratings (1800 and 600g/mm).

The excitation wavelength is supplied by an internal HeNe 20mW laser (wavelength 632.817nm) mounted on the back of the instrument and an external Ar laser (wavelength 514.532nm) with variable optical power (~ 2-63mW) depending on the plasma tube current (~ 4-11 Amps), also mounted on the back of the instrument.

The laser is totally reflected by the notch towards the sample under the microscope and the Raman scattering is totally transmitted through the notch filter towards the confocal hole and entrance slit of the spectrograph.

The system has integrated a motorized XY microscope stage for 2-D Raman mapping with 0.1µm resolution and 1µm reproducibility. Also a 'pifoc' Z actuator is integrated to the system for z scanning, in the range 0-100µm with a resolution of 0.1µm.

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