The JEOL JSM-5600LV is an SEM that can operate in low vacuum (LV) mode, which is ideal for observing and analysing specimens that have not been coated with a conductive carbon or gold layer using a sputter-coater. This means that a greater range of materials can be examined on this SEM, for instance non-conductive materials such as composites, polymers and ceramics, without the need for pre-treatment.

When operating in low vacuum mode, samples are exposed to a lower energy electron beam in the chamber than used during standard SEM examination, so there is much less risk of damage to fragile or sensitive samples (e.g. bio-engineering materials).

The imaging capability (SEI and BSE) is normally used in the range (~ X50 to X10 000 in LV mode). The JEOL JSM-5300LV has an EDX detector for the ID and semi-quantification of elements with an atomic mass upwards from carbon (C). Users should note that quantification of light elements (eg. C, N and O) cannot be performed with accuracy.


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