Institute for Ageing

Ageing Research in Newcastle University

Ageing Research at Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a world leader in research into ageing, its causes, and its social and health consequences.

The Newcastle University Institute for Ageing is a fusion of medical science research and social concern. We seek to understand the challenges and opportunities brought about by our growing ageing population.  

We have over 50 years'experience in ageing research, starting with pioneering studies into dementia, carried out in the late 1960s.

Currently, ageing research occurs across the whole University, but is recognised under the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing, which is based at the heart of Europe's largest multidisciplinary site into ageing – the Newcastle Campus for Ageing and Vitality. It comprises research excellence from several research institutes throughout Newcastle University:

We focus our learning and studies on three main ageing research areas

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