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Why Grey Matters

Why Grey Matters

Influencing policy and changing attitudes to older people is an important area of our work into ageing.

We were involved with:

  • BBC Reith Lectures
  • advising the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee
  • the UK Foresight Report on 'Mental Capital Through Life'

The University has hosted the Regional Forum on Ageing since its creation in 2005, and provides a voice on issues of concern to older people – influencing government thinking.

We capture the views and experience of older people and this is used to shape services to better suit their needs through two flagship projects:

Evidence to improve health and social services

Our research provides the evidence to support improvements. It offers medical understanding and guidance to the pensions and insurance industry.

Major changes will be needed in the way health and social care services are provided and in how resources are spent.

The Newcastle Institute for Ageing is focused on the challenges of ageing and demographic change. It also covers the need to value more seriously the experience and knowledge of older people and engage with them to a much greater degree. Read more in the Newcastle Charter for Changing Age.

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