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Helping Healthy Ageing

In addition to understanding the science of ageing, our researchers are exploring how changes in lifestyle and behaviour can have a major impact on how we age.

Nutrition and exercise

One important area is understanding how nutrition influences the accumulation of damage to cells as we age and finding interventions to limit the effect of this damage.

One of the biggest threats to our health and well-being is inactivity. The cost of treating diabetes is a staggering £10.3bn a year – around 10% of the entire NHS budget. However, patients with type 2 diabetes can walk 45 minutes every day and get the same improvement in blood glucose control as from a major class of drugs.

Our research into ageing is also influencing the care patients receive in their doctor's surgery. A goal is to create a centre of excellence at Newcastle University for training GPs, hospital staff, community nurses and others in all aspects of dementia care.

Digital technology

Digital scientists and engineers at Newcastle University are devising assistive technologies through the Social Inclusion in the Digital Economy (SiDE) programme. This could help people with age related conditions and help them live longer and more safely in their own homes.

Creative arts are playing an increasingly powerful role in helping the public become aware of ageing and its challenges and also to change perceptions of older people.

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