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Institute for Ageing Projects

We are continually engaged in research projects and collaborative ventures that seek to uncover better ways to live better for longer.

This page outlines some past projects that we have led on, or been involved with that seek to understand more about the older population, the world around us, and how to improve the health, wellbeing and equality of the older population. 

Projects listed in this section have involved some key members of the Institute for Ageing core team, as well as others from across Newcastle University who work in the field of aging. In addition, we fund post-doctoral and PhD students each year to support their work to research ways in which we can meet our Institute goals. Details of these projects can be found in Ageing Projects 2014/15, and Ageing Projects 2015/16.

Ageing Workforce Policy

Changing Age Charter

Healthy Life Simulation

NUIA Funded Ageing Projects 2014/15

NUIA Funded Ageing Projects 2015/16