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Dementia Research in Newcastle

Dementia research in Newcastle is the culmination of multi-disciplinary research teams, combining knowledge and understanding of different aspects of the dementia pathway in order to provide a better outcome for patients and their families.

Newcastle University as a Centre of Excellence in Dementia

In June 2017, Newcastle University will become an Alzheimer’s Society Centre of Excellence. Through this centre, we will develop and test a ‘good practice’ model of primary care-led, post diagnostic dementia care that will be cost effective, person centered and sustainable.

The Centre will explore:

  • Successful examples of GP-led care for dementia and other long term illnesses (e.g. diabetes, depression
  • Current experiences of the Dementia Care Community (DCC) i.e. service users (people with dementia and their families), providers and commissioners and their views on the proposed 2016 model
  • Costs of current model(s) using data from an ongoing project looking at future dementia care costs

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A full spectrum of dementia research in Newcastle

In recognition of the Centre’s launch, we’re outlining the full spectrum of dementia research at Newcastle University. Dementia research in Newcastle is fully multi-disciplinary and we have robust relationships with a range of external partners.

This supports a comprehensive research programme that seeks to understand how to diagnose, treat and cure the disease, but also how to support those living with dementia, thier families, friends and carers.