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Innovation Day

Innovation Day is an exciting interactive and competitive student event that is open to ALL students

Date/Time: Saturday 2nd December, 2017 - 11am

Venue: Northern Design Centre, Gateshead, NE8 3DF

Innovation Day (Iday for short) is an exciting interactive and competitive student event that is open to ALL students, at ALL stages, from ALL disciplines and is open to ALL universities in the North of England.

Student teams will work around a health and ageing based challenge to develop a business solution. Teams will then pitch their idea to a judging panel and a winner will be selected.

This is a pan European event hosted by EIT Health and is held at many universities across Europe in the same week and on the same day. There will be many external organisations participating in the day including Voice North, Newcastle University entrepreneurs Shantelle Million and Georgios Gerardos, Roland Glancy, Managing Director of Radfan and health and ageing researchers.

This is a cross discipline/faculty challenge with students invited from all stages, all schools and across all universities in the North East of England. The specialised event provides students with the opportunity to network, collaborate, improve and enhance enterprise skills and compete for a top prize!


The details of the challenge are to be determined. However, it will be around the ideas of:

  • Health and ageing
  • 1 in 3 babies born today will live to be 100
  • There is a big difference in the ages of 80-100 (10-30)
  • Homes built for multiple generations