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Registration is currently open for the 2017 meeting of NEURACLIN - a network of North East based Neuroscience and research orientated academics and clinicians.

Date/Time: Weds 20th September, 10.00 - 17.30

Venue: South Tees Institute of Learning, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, TS4 3BW

You are warmly invited to attend the 2017 meeting of NEURACLIN.

Building upon the success of the 2016 meeting, NEURACLIN aims to facilitate the collaboration of North-East based Neuroscience and Research oriented Academics and Clinical workers. This network brings together Academics and Clinical workers together, with a view to making it easier both to share knowledge and to collaborate on research projects. NEURACLIN primarily focus is upon memory-affecting disorders, including but not limited to Dementias and Epilepsy.

The venue for this years meeting is the David Kenward Lecture Theatre at the South Tees Institute of Learning, Research and Innovation 

The programme will include the following confirmed speakers:

  • Prof Nigel Hooper (University of Manchester): Challenges and opportunities for Alzheimer’s research
  • Prof Jan Oyebode (University of Bradford): Cognitive rehabilitation for people with early dementia
  • Dr Alan Bowman (NHS and Teeside University): Lewy body dementia and signal detection theory
  • Dr Paul Donaghy (Newcastle University): Amyloid PET and FP-CIT SPECT in Lewy Body Disease
  • Dr Claire Garwood (Sheffield University): Investigating the effect of insulin on brain cells in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dr Stephen Hall (University of York): Epilepsy mechanisms in the neocortex.
  • Dr Eleanor King (Newcastle University): Peripheral inflammation in prodromal but not established Lewy body and Alzheimer’s dementias
  • Lyn Rogers (Alzheimer's Society Research Network): Background information about the Alzheimer's Society lay member network
  • Dr James Dachtler (Durham University): Introduction to Durham Against Dementia
  • Dr Stephen Evans (NHS South Tees, James Cook University Hospital), Drs Colin Lever and James Dachtler (Durham University): Welcome address from the NEURACLIN network.

Please visit this link to register